Hello World -First Blog Post

Ok so this is My first go at blogging

Having set up my WordPress account in 2014 and not known what the hell to do with it, I left it thinking I would give it a go when I had more time, well that seems to be now so there are a few things I need to work out.

  • What should I Blog about?

Education. My career as a headteacher and beyond

My interests. Including collecting things – all tat – Clocks, Books, Globes, Watches

Politics.  As I am an opinionated so and so

Family. The things they do!

Science & Technology. As I am an ex scientist that maintains an active interest in Science.

The Arts. As I am an ex-scientist who spends money on Art – usually Art Books (as opposed to books about art

Gardening. As that is what I spend lots of time doing

Or indeed many other topics that I frequently wax lyrically and pontificate I think until i understand what this is all about i will stick to my hobby…

Photography. As I actually have a hobby this is probably the best place to start

  • Why on earth would anyone want to read my blog

  1. They probable won’t and almost definitely shouldn’t but, lots of people do this stuff and it is another thing to learn so here we go anyway.
  2. Digitally talking to myself seems like a plan for knowing what i think about stuff – nothing like ordering ones thoughts.
  3. I’m hoping there is a way of linking a,, my social networking things through the Blog i.e. Twitter Flickr etc as much to know how as compared to having a reason why

Because it is there…

  • Will this post work?

Let’s find out

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