My Spiral…

So I was delighted with some pictures i took on a recent holiday particularly the semi abstract shot of a spiral staircase.

I agonised somewhat over which version of it i should enter for #WexMondays the twitter competition of Wex Photography in Norwich. In the end I went with a cut down cleaned up version and it duly failed to get noticed.

The black and white version that I added to Flickr in response to a comment seemed to go down quite well but I also posted the original portrait version with a little more width and a few blemishes – it went a bit bonkers on Flickr and has so far racked up almost 3K views and 80 faves – 10 times higher than any image i have posted in almost 10 years! so really pleased with it but I have now had time to play around with the same image in light room and I really like the results – the header of this Blog is now proudly displaying the results of my messing. i.e…

Stairs vivid2-0074

I’m beginning to think that with a good abstract like this you can do all sorts with it and it will still work.

See – i did write a second blogpost!

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